Proposal of Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University (AUMSU) Novorossiysk, Russian Federation

Responsible: Prof. Irina Makashina, DSc., AUMSU

Keeping up with the trend of globalization of maritime activities, multi-cultural crew composition and increase of specialized ships, Maritime Universities continue to endeavor to improve methods of teaching, to develop technologies directed to the training of highly skilled professionals, capable to work in the field of merchant shipping.

In this connection, Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University (AUMSU) proposed an educational project – BSAMI Educational Space. (download project)

Database of lecturers who want to participate in the Project.

Main purpose:

Cooperation of BSAMI members in research, scientific / academic studies and practical applications of modern educational technologies in the field of Maritime Education and Training.

The main purpose of the project is to assist MET institutions as well as their teaching staff in organizing and introducing new training courses, or in enhancing, updating or supplementing existing training material order to improve the quality of MET system as a factor which strongly impacts worldwide the competitiveness of the shipping sector.

Specific objectives:

  1. Increasing lecturers’ competencies through the promotion of knowledge and technologies in the maritime field.
  2. Encouraging lecturers to maintain a high skill level through the development and implementation of new specialized courses.

Expected results:

  1. Extra opportunities for all BSAMI members to exchange knowledge, achievements and experience in the filed of Maritime Education, under BSAMI umbrella.
  2. Arrangement of a round table for discussions on Maritime Education and sea-related issues.
  3. The BSAMI Educational Project is a fine opportunity to draw attention to the current educational problems and to identify ways and means of their solution.
  4. The project is a chance for future sea specialists to get experience in intercultural communication.

Maritime universities are focused on the principal issues of the maritime education, including the objectives to create a new competitive image of the merchant shipping industry, to support the industry through scientific and technological development.

The result of set tasks first of all depends on specialists working in the branch, on their educational and cultural level.

In this context, the offered project BSAMI Educational Space is the attempt to unite different approaches, different knowledge, different methods of teaching but, like minded maritime educators, to share idea and practices in order to contribute to the development of maritime education.

We are sure our joint efforts will create the best educational projects for the benefit of Maritime Industry.