Odessa National Maritime Academy

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Abbreviation: ONMA

  • Address: 

8, Didrikhson str., Odessa, 65029, Ukraine

Phone +380 48 777 57 74,  +380 48 728 26 96

Fax :   +380 48 234 52 67

e-Mail :   info@onma.edu.ua, 

Website :  www.onma.edu.ua

  • Rector/President:   Prof., Dr. Mykhaylo V. Miyusov 

  • Contact person:  

Brief Decription:

Ukraine is a maritime country, situated on the coasts of the Black and Azov Seas.
Odessa is the maritime capital of Ukraine. It is one of the greatest industrial, scientific and cultural centers of Ukraine.
The Odessa National Maritime Academy is the leading higher educational establishment in the country, which trains officers in all maritime specialties for sea-going, river and specialized fleet.
Under new economic conditions our main task remains to ensure competitiveness of the graduates of our Academy at the World Labour Market, keeping high educational standards at the international level.
With every oncoming year more and more shipowners of Great Britain, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries give preference to Ukrainian seafarers and first of all to the graduates of our Academy.

Nowadays the Academy is the leading scientific and methodical centre, which defines philosophy, objectives and ways of improving maritime education in Ukraine.



June 7, 1944 The Odessa Higher Marine School (OHMS) was formed.
May 29, 1958 OHMS was renamed into the Odessa Higher Engineering Marine School (OHEMS).
April 26, 1991 OHMES was transformed into the Odessa State Maritime Academy (OSMA).
Taking into account the state and world recognition of the Odessa State Maritime Academy activities and its great contribution to the development of national education and science, the Odessa State Maritime Academy was given the status of  NATIONAL.
And on the 21st of September in 2002 it was named the Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA).



The Odessa National Maritime Academy is well-known for a long time in the world of marine shipping owing to thousands of highly qualified specialists, its graduates, who work at hundreds of shipping companies all over the world and also thanks to its high rate among leading maritime institutions due to accreditation of specialists of the Academy by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and Nautical Institute (Great Britain), its membership in the International Association of Maritime Universities, active participation of scientists and teachers in the authoritative forums, which are being held by the U.N. International Maritime Organization, by the world leading maritime educational and scientific institutions.
 Odessa National Maritime Academy established new institutions, faculties, specialties, the basic Training and Certifying Centre in Ukraine.



Studies are carried out according to the graded system.
The terms of studies are the following:  
4 years for Bachelor Degree;
1.5 Year for Specialist Degree or Master of Science Degree on the basis of Bachelor degree.


Faculties and Branches

Odessa National Maritime Academycomprises seven faculties:

 Sea Navigation Faculty
  Maritime and Inland Waterway Navigation Faculty
  Marine Engineering Faculty
  Automation Faculty
  Electrical Engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty
  Maritime Law and Management Faculty
  Izmail Faculty of ONMA
Odessa National Maritime Academy has its branches:
  AzovMaritime Institute (the city of Mariupol)
  Training and Certifying Centre for Seafarers
  Seafaring College of Technical Fleet
  Maritime College named after O.I. Marinesko of ONMA
Professionals are trained by 45 departments and 373 tutors, among them 85 Doctors of Science, Professors, 187 Candidates of Science, Assistant Professors, 20 are Academicians and Associate Members of different academies, including international ones.
Most tutors have maritime education and experience.


Academic Board
The Academy has a specialized academic council which is empowered to consider and to conduct a defence of theses for a Doctor of Engineering degree for the following specialities:
05.05.03 – “Engines and Power Plants”;
05.22.13 – “Navigation and Maneuvering Control”;
05.22.20 – “Operation and Repair of Vehicles”.