Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty



  • Abbreviation: ITUMF
  • Address: Sahil Cad. Tuzla/ISTANBUL – TURKEY
    Tel: (+90) 0216 395 45 01

    Fax: (+90) 0216 395 45 00
  • Rector/Dean: Prof. Dr. Mehmet KARACA / Prof. Dr. Nil GÜLER
  • Contact person:
    Hisashi Yamamoto,Secretary General
    Yıldıray Ertaş,Senior Lecturer (

Brief Decription:


The history of our faculty dates back to the ‘Merchant Navy Boarding School’ (Leyli Tüccar Kaptan Mektebi), which was established in 5 December 1884 at Heybeliada-Istanbul as a part of the Ottoman-Turkish Naval Academy with the aim of strengthening civilian navigation/seamanship in the country. During the Republican era, it’s named as the ‘High Navigation School’ and continued its activities in the following decades. Finally, in 1992, it is re-established as a ‘Maritime Faculty’ and tied to the Istanbul Technical University.


Our mission is to excel in Maritime Research and Education
In this mission, our specific aims are:

-To develop a sustainable and scientific educational background in order to graduate environmentally conscious maritime officers with analytical, creative and contemporary thinking, strong social and leadership skills, who will work in national and international vessels/sectors as well as being able to conduct research, development and production activities on land if necessary.

-To develop an interdisciplinary educational and research background in order to educate academicians who will contribute to knowledge and technology production and transfer, create positive impact on the national and international maritime sector while working under the guidance of scientific, engineering and maritime ethics.

-To work for the advancement of knowledge and technology production in the maritime field by participating in national and international interdisciplinary research activities.



  • Navigation and Observation Tower
  • Training Pool
  • Training Ships
  • Simulators Center
  • Lifelong Education Center
  • Fire Training Center
  • General Demage Control Training Center
  • Lifeboat Platform
  • Library
  • Gynassium
  • Dormitory (650 students capacity)

Academic Board

   Prof. Dr. Nil GÜLER
Assistant Dean (Academic Affairs):
   Doç. Dr. Özcan ARSLAN
Assistant Dean (Administrative Affairs):
   Yrd. Doç. Dr. Tanzer SATIR
Maritime Transportation And Management Engineering- Department Chair
  Prof. Dr. Sezer ILGIN
Marine Engineering – Department Chair
   Doç. Dr. Cengiz Deniz
Basic Sciences- Department Chair
  Doç. Dr. Ata BİLGİLİ
Istanbul Technical University Senate- Faculty Representative
  Prof. Dr. Sezer ILGIN
Faculty Secretary
  Nejla SAĞ